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We are Ecospeed LED

We Produce All Kinds of Grow Lights for Different Grow Applications

Smart control with light sensor

Project with our VFT Toplighting New Technology for Greenhouse in North America

Self controlled by sunlight, smart dimming, on/off 

Adjust the light intensity of the lamp as the sunlight intensity changes to achieve the complementary effect of the lamp and the sun.

Saving your labor cost and energy.

New Year, New Challenge

Ecospeed LED, A Professional Manufacturer of LED Grow Lights

Ecospeed has the best professional teams in design, manufacturing, sales for all projects of indoor plants farming.

Mult-bars fixture

New Project, New Solution

EcospeedLED continue the research of solutions for different projects from our customers.

Full Of Passion/Spare No Effort

We Are Always On The Way

To Be A Better LED Grow Lights Turnkey Solution Provider

Going on....

New Series/Line

We will still develop new series products in the future!

Leaf Greens In Multiple Layers VF

Project Done-Dubai

Besides LED Grow Light, other equipment like grow rack/hydroponics/growing tools, for all your needs.


Trade Fair

MJBZ and other business trade fair, we discuss with other Professional, to expand our market.


Grow Project

We start to do solution, accroding to your area/planting environment/plants etc.


Not Only Planting

Vertical farming is new trend, save planting cost, whatever you grow which plants.

R&D Department

Professional Technology

We have a power team for developing new product, adapt to any market.

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Service for any greenhouse/grow room solution or project!