Ipower-3 dimmable with a knob/Meamwell driver/CREE CXB3590 COB LEDs

Quick Details:*CREE CXB3590 or lm301b/lm561c/lm301h mixed*IP65 Waterproof*0-10v dimming, MeanWell driver*Fanless Design Big Aluminum Heat Sink *High PAR Value*11 Band Full Spectrum UV-IR 380

Quick Details:

*CREE CXB3590 or lm301b/lm561c/lm301h mixed

*IP65 Waterproof
*0-10v dimming, MeanWell driver
*Fanless Design Big Aluminum Heat Sink 

*High PAR Value
*11 Band Full Spectrum UV-IR 380-850nm 
*Energy Saving over 40%

WLLighting-Ecospeed LED


Power 450w, draw power 260w ±5%
Led chip BrandCREE CXB 3590 3500k
Color RatioFull spectrum(UV-IR)
Input VoltageAC85-265V
PPFD(μmol/m2s) 1993/1ft, 840/2ft, 324/3ft, 225/4ft
Frequency50/60 Hz 
Suggest Height 2ft-5ft(600-1500mm)
LED Source 150w*3pcs 
Irradiation Area

5ft*3ft (1500mm*1000mm)

Working temp-20~50℃
IP GradeIP65 
Power SupplyMeanWell driver
Net Weight15.5Lbs (7kgs)
Gross Weight815*290*200mm(10kgs/22Lbs)
Warranty2-3 years


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cree cob led grow light

WLLighting-Ecospeed LED






cree cob led grow light


  • Unique Design: 150W CXB 3590 Chip, Fanless cooling, Special aluminum heat sink;

  • Long Life Span: 50000hours*Modular Design: Easy for maintenance;

  • Full Spectrum:380nm-850nm. UV-IR. All useful wavelengths are included, ideal for all stages of plants growth;

  • Optical Dual Lens: Better deeper penetration;

  • Advanced LED drivers for higher performance;

  • Durable waterproof IP65 driver with 5 years warranty, low temperature even working over 24hrs;

  • Dimmable Design is available; *Energy Saving over 40%;

  • Biggest Footprint: 5*3ft. Suitable for at least 2-5 plants;

  • Replaces HPS, Metal Halide and Florescent grow lights;

  • No Mercury, environment friendly;

  • Custom Spectrum is acceptable/Color boxes are acceptable with re-branded logo. 



 cree cob led grow light

cree cob led grow light


Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Horticulture, Garden, Grow Tent etc.

For indoor plants growth such as medical plants, herbs, vegetables and so on.


WLLighting-Ecospeed LED